Saturday, 28 January 2012

Apple to the rescue!

I was about to trash this blog as I was having problems with the site.  My browser not supported by Blogger!  Ok, ..I usually use Macs unless I'm on this wee netbook and cursed to use Windows...yeeeuch...but Apple don't do a netbook!  So needs must.  Anyway downloaded Safari and hey presto Blogger works again.  Maybe an i-Pad is the real answer.  Might get one for my birthday.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A New Year again! What happened to 2011?

I can't believe it is 2012 and I have not written an entry in this blog since Feb 2010!!!!
Life goes on but I am in a much better place despite increasing uncertainty at work where yet again we are going through a major re-organisation. Never ends, but this time I don't think my section will survive quite as unscathed as we have in the past. Already lost a member of staff who has been seconded to another dept to help them survive after losing experienced members of their team! Crazy times but my forays into Zen and Shamanism have given me the tools to survive in the midst of the madness around me. The tragic part is watching those who are struggling to cope. Good people who have given a lot being treated badly. At least that is how I see it, I am sure the visionaries would give you a different interpretation of it all.
I continue to enjoy my time spent in the great outdoors although I really need to try and get out more. The weather at this time of year does not help nor to the very short days we have this far north. It has been a wet and windy winter with not so much snow this year. Feels dark and oppressive in the overcast and wet days that merge into long spells where venturing out does not have a lot of appeal. Excuses I know..never used to hold me back. I made the mistake of trying out a brief exploration of Second Life last year and I have to confess to becoming a little addicted to paddling a sea kayak through virtual seas and archipelagos. Not to mention a spell base jumping and exploring the large "homeland sims" on horseback!! Nuts I know. So if you value the little free time you have stay clear of Second Life.....despite the frustrations of the crude graphics it is surprisingly compelling. You have been warned so don't blame me if you get sucked in and can't escape.
I will try and resurrect this blog and create some, hopefully more readable, entries. Best wishes to anyone who reads this. Take care and have fun.