Saturday, 6 June 2009

One More Step On The Journey.

Well I had a good holiday, bashed a few rocks and had a few canoeing trips into nice countryside, though one trip was interrupted by a low flying helicopter dodging through the trees and rocks.  Impressive flying but we had to move as it was dropping off fencing material along the side of the loch.  I did wonder what the orange marker was for when we arrived at this secluded spot!  
We had an epic trip back across the loch on the way home that day as the wind was the scariest I have been out in in a long time. Crossing open water far from shore and working with wind and wave sure focuses the mind.  Anyway, now back at work and wishing I was back in the waves.
 I had my dreams translated and with hindsight it is not difficult to see what my mind was getting at.  The guy in the bar was me, the version I am afraid of, the guy who walked out of his job the second it began to crush his need to create and be free.  He was happier, but financially poor, and seen by others as just a bit crazy.  
Too much freedom and creativity can do that to a man.  I have been considering just leaving my job and trying to survive as best I can but always run scared of actually doing it. 
My health would probably benefit from the reduced stress, unless I got stressed about the situation I found myself in when I had no income!
The other dream proved really useful.  My GP wanted me to take medication which came with warnings about how it was dangerous to take along with the blood pressure meds I am on.
I explained I was shortly going on holiday, I would be canoeing in reasonably remote areas and my blood pressure crashing seemed a dodgy thing to risk in those circumstances.  She insisted I would be fine despite the warnings plastered over the insert.  I decided to find an alternative treatment using over the counter stuff from the pharmacist. 
By the time I set off on holiday I had found a treatment regime with no hazard to me and 4 weeks later I feel good. Sometimes it pays to think for yourself and others the doctor knows best!  The trick is knowing who is right.
Life goes on, and I hope to try and find more time to write, especially poetry. Despite my rather naive attempts, I am actually quite pleased with some of my results. I never thought I could write anything even I would want to read.  Perseverance,  I must keep practising.
Thanks for the comments everyone, I value your feedback. Constructive criticism always appreciated as well.
Best Wishes and Have Fun.

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