Monday, 29 June 2009

Bad To Worse

Sure that was a Jim Steinman LP back in the 70's. He was the guy who made Meatloaf famous by writing such great songs. Maybe it was Bad for Good - I don't remember.
Anyway, life is getting tough again, had to intervene at work when my boss started verbally abusing my team, the worst he has been since March. I went to see him and told him I would report him if he behaved like that again. Since then he has been going around being very nice to most of my staff, but only to undermine any case I might try to make against him. A slick bully, knows all the tricks, and everyone too intimidated to speak up in their own defence. He can barely speak to me at the moment, I think he feels betrayed by my intervention. He has lost face by having to back down and apologise, at least to some staff, and he will not forgive me for that. I'll just have to see what happens next. I have a meeting with a Union Rep tomorrow to get advice. All adds to the stress, but I had to do something. Who knows he might back off, he won't want an investigation for bullying just as he is contemplating retiring. It would be a severe dent to his ego if the complaint was upheld.
Enough griping and complaining, I had a good weekend last week; Went to the Scottish swine flu hot spot to visit my mother who was reasonably well, a nice long trip on the motorcycle despite some heavy showers. This weekend I went to roast on the west coast; took my tent and spent the night, returning on Sunday. Excellent weather and breezy enough to keep the midges away. See pic above.


  1. Hello..sorry to hear of this troubling stuff at work..sounds like the guy will value his retirement options and maybe back of, at least you stepped out and said something when in other situations others have not..I know I have been in situations like that where they were just ignored. So well done you for doing that, its hard though and the aftermath and fall out is always tricky when one speaks the truth.

    Were you in Dunoon? the picture you mention is near there, now famous for swine flu..such a tourist pull eh..anyway..I hope things work out for you. The weather has been wonderful proper summer weather even the midges don't put me off walking in the gloaming :) Take care.

  2. Thanks for the support. I passed through Dunoon on my way to Innellan which is even closer to your picture I think.
    In fact that picture of me slumped in a garden chair is in Innellan on my mum's 80th birthday last year.

  3. LOL I live in Innellan...!!
    just been kind of protective of saying I like my anonymity on line ..Its a small world !

  4. Bloody hell - what a coincidence. I've been going there for something like 25 years since my parents moved there from near Edinburgh. I thought some of your photographs looked very familiar - so that was T----d Lighthouse! I've been racking my brains trying to remember if I have seen you with your dog. I love black labs and so does my mother, I bet she has spoken to you. Have you ever been to the Fairy Lochs for a walk, I just found out about the place 2 yrs ago. It's up the hill from the forestry car park on the right, just along the road from the sailing club. I'll post a picture for you in my blog.
    You are absolutely right to protect your annonimity on-line. It is a pity this site doesn't allow fplk to send private messages without giving away their private e-mail address for all to see.